Nextcloud Topics

Below is a collection of articles on various Nextcloud topics. As I release new ones I will add them here as well to give some idea of what’s possible and how much knowledge is required to accomplish them!


Beginner Nextcloud header

Below is a list of the articles geared towards new admins to get you started with your freshly installed Nextcloud!

Nextcloud cron

Nextcloud + Cron- Cron is important for keeping your Nextcloud running smoothly and efficiently.

Nextcloud backup pt. 1

Nextcloud Backup Pt. 1 - Backups are critical in computing, and will save you a huge headache in case of a failure.

Nextcloud clamav

Nextcloud Antivirus - Add the powerful ClamAV virus scanner to your Nextcloud for added protection.


Intermediate Nextcloud header

Below are some higher level topics to dig into once your Nextcloud instance is up and running smoothly.

Nextcloud php8

Nextcloud Docker PHP 8 - Nextcloud v21 brought compatibility with the new, faster version of PHP but it isn’t used by default.

Nextcloud backup pt. 2

Nextcloud Backup Pt. 2 - Building on the previous article, we will learn to backup off-site, simplify our setup, and take the first steps towards automating the process!


Performance Nextcloud header

The articles listed here are designed to help you optimize and improve the performance of your Nextcloud instance.

Nextcloud php8

Nextcloud Docker PHP 8 - Nextcloud v21 gets a nice performance bump by utilizing the new version of PHP.

Upcoming Planned Articles:

  • Nextcloud Backups pt. 3!
  • Nextcloud + Office Suite
  • Nextcloud db optimizations
  • Nextcloud MariaDB vs. PostgreSQL
  • Nextcloud + KeypassXC
  • Nextcloud + PhotoPrism (or other?)
  • Nextcloud php optimizations
  • Nextcloud Preview Generation
  • Nextcloud Trashbin Retention
  • Nextcloud + email
  • Nextcloud + ProtonMail
  • Nextcloud + Maps
  • Ideas?

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