Nextcloud Topics

Below is a collection of articles on various Nextcloud topics. As I release new ones I will add them here as well to give some idea of what’s possible and how much knowledge is required to accomplish them!


Beginner Nextcloud header

Below is a list of the articles geared towards new admins to get you started with your freshly installed Nextcloud!

Nextcloud cron

Nextcloud + Cron- Cron is important for keeping your Nextcloud running smoothly and efficiently.

Nextcloud backup pt. 1

Nextcloud Backup Pt. 1 - Backups are critical in computing, and will save you a huge headache in case of a failure.

Nextcloud clamav

Nextcloud Antivirus - Add the powerful ClamAV virus scanner to your Nextcloud for added protection.

Nextcloud backup app

Nextcloud Backup App - With the release of Nextcloud 23 in November 2021, the Nextcloud team added a Backup App.


Intermediate Nextcloud header

Below are some higher level topics to dig into once your Nextcloud instance is up and running smoothly.

Nextcloud backup pt. 2

Nextcloud Backup Pt. 2 - Building on the previous article, we will learn to backup off-site, simplify our setup, and take the first steps towards automating the process!

Nextcloud php8

Nextcloud Docker PHP 8 - Nextcloud v21 brought compatibility with the new, faster version of PHP but it isn’t used by default.


Advanced Nextcloud header

Below are some advanced level topics that will require a bit more knowledge of Linux.

Nextcloud backup pt. 3

Nextcloud Backup Pt. 3 - Put the finishing touches on our backups by making them more secure and automated!

Upcoming Article Ideas:

  • Nextcloud + Office Suite
  • Nextcloud db optimizations
  • Nextcloud MariaDB vs. PostgreSQL
  • Nextcloud + KeypassXC
  • Nextcloud + PhotoPrism (or other?)
  • Nextcloud php optimizations
  • Nextcloud Trashbin Retention
  • Nextcloud + email
  • Nextcloud + ProtonMail
  • Nextcloud + Maps
  • Ideas?