My world (and most everyone’s for that matter) changed drastically in 2020 - my country of residence and source of income became unstable and thus needed to change.

Due to the multitude of lockdowns and quarantines, I had time to dig into one of my long-standing hobbies and continue to renew my interest in coding, technology, and self-hosted software. Overall, my goal is to increase my online privacy and take some responsibility for my digital footprint.

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and I believe people are starting to see and migrate towards a more open-source, decentralized, and privacy-focused digital landscape. The increasing ease of divorcing ourselves from the tech giants is only accelerating this movement. The once fringe, niche tools touted by security and privacy advocates are now making their way to the mainstream. To me, this is an exciting time to be in this space. The online resources for this growing space are numerous but can be overwhelming to the untrained eye. By building collaborative and inclusive communities, by helping even the newest and technically un-inclined, the growth and adoption of said tools will show their true potential.

While my true passion is in environmental conservation (especially the marine environment), I see tremendous parallels in the need for community inclusiveness and collaboration to remove control from the large corporations and governments who are the primary propagators of privacy and environmental violations alike.

With this in mind, I am sharing the same passion I have when scuba diving with self-hosted newbies.

This site is a collection of guides, notes, and troubleshooting help with the technology I have been using lately. I hope to share my learnings with readers to reduce their frustration in continuously-evolving software. I am creating simple and easy-to-follow guides that I wish someone had written for me to follow when I was getting started along the self-hosted rabbit hole.

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