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I worked on a series of articles for the Smart Home Beginner website about setting up Wireguard tunnels. Those articles are are aimed at beginners who want to get started with Wireguard on a variety of operating systems. Whereas the articles presented here are designed to address specific topics, answer questions, and troubleshoot.

To learn about Wireguard and how it compares to other VPN protocols, see my intro article:

To see a list of the articles written for other websites, check out the ‘Other Articles’ section above:


multiple active tuns wireguard windows

Multiple Simultaneous Tunnels - As the title suggests, the default is to only allow a single tunnel active at a time while using the GUI. We explore two methods of activating multiple tunnels simultaneously.

Upcoming Planned Articles:


  • Wireguard Technical Overview – We Take a closer look at Wireguard’s history and technology a step deeper into my introduction artlce.

Planned Linux

  • Wireguard with Docker Containers – How can we route docker container traffic through a Wireguard tunnel?
  • Wireguard with a Private Website – How can we use Wireguard to access a private website, like a VaultWarden, Firefly III, or Nextcloud?
  • Wireguard with Pi-hole/AdGuard Home – How to setup Wireguard to use a self-hosted ad blocker?
  • Wireguard Advanced Routing – Iptables, nftables, ufw, firewalld, etc.

Planned Windows

  • Script Changing Wireguard Interface from ‘Public’ to ‘Private’ – There are some limitations to keeping the Wireguard interface in the ‘Public’ networking space. Let’s automate it!
  • Scripting Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) – There are a couple of scripts that can accomplish this, namely in this extremely helpful post, But I think we can improve upon it.
  • Fully Automate the startup process – Fix the startup process so we don’t have to manually disable and re-enable things. I see some bat files but maybe we can improve on that.

Planned Mac

  • Looking for Input – I haven’t been regularly using Mac OS for a while now so I can’t say I have a lot of experience with common issues. Feedback is appreciated!

Planned Android

  • App specific tunnel – We look at selecting only specific apps to route through a Wireguard


If you have any other specific Wireguard help requests for topics, contact me and I will see what I can do!

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