Big Tech Photos Replacement

People are moving away from the tech giant for a variety of reasons. The majority of posts on related Reddit subs are looking for a way to replace their Google Photo collection as a way to move away from Google services. Whether it’s for privacy or due to the change in their storage policy, there are many great options in the self-hosting space. Let’s dig into some of the Google Photos replacement applications available today.

Intro to Self-Hosted Google Photos Replacement

  • Self-Hosted Google Photos Alternatives Roundup – In this article I dive into 7+ popular options for replacing Google Photos. They each have their pros and cons which I lay out after having installed them and played with them for a couple of hours.

Upcoming Planned Articles:

  • Installing and Setting Up PhotoPrism – A quick guide to get you started with one of the most well-rounded and powerful FOSS photo gallery applications available.
  • Using PhotoPrism for Beginners – A basic, graphical walk-through of using the different functions PhotoPrism offers.
  • What I’ve Learned from PhotoPrism – After using PhotoPrism for nearly 8 months, I’ve learned a few things about how to make it work well for me. I will share a few tips and tricks.
  • PhotoPrism with Nextcloud – We look at a few different ways we can integrate PhotoPrism into an existing cloud solution.

As you can probably tell by now, PhotoPrism was the winner in my tests, but I have to admit, playing with other applications on offer definitely took it down a notch. I am excited about many of the other projects listed in my introduction and will continue to expand the above list of planned articles as those apps develop.

Integration with Nextcloud (or otherwise) is an important factor to me, and as PhotoPrism mostly works, I will continue to use it as my primary photo application until the others improve over the coming months.

If you would like another application added to this list, contact me or leave a donation and it will be bumped to the top! The list of Google Photos alternatives seems to grow by the month so I’d love to hear about new and promising projects!