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Closing 2023

Wed, Jan 24, 2024 One-minute read

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Once again I’m late wrapping up the previous year. However, I haven’t forgotten the promise I intend to uphold for as long as I can.

I am once again donating at least 20% of my donation proceeds to a conservation project. This year I decided to donate to Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue project that is working to create Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s) over 30% of the planet’s oceans. This is a hugely important issue for me and I encourage anyone reading this to either donate what you can, get involved, or just spread the word. Her work is critical to the future health of our oceans and our planet.

2023 donations proceeds

I know I only published 2 articles last year, and I am a bit ashamed. I have too many projects (including articles) that I’ve started but have not finished. This year I’m aiming to finish the things I’ve started. I’m aiming for an article per month! Wish me luck and happy self-hosting!

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